Evangelism for Any Situation, Any Audience (With Diagrams and Tips!)

This article ran in the June 2017 edition of Refresh Bible Study Magazine. Visit Lighthouse Bible Studies to sign up for this free magazine. If you’re like me, you love Jesus for many, many reasons. So, when you have a chance to explain your faith, it’s tricky to know where to begin. Whether you’re speaking… Continue reading Evangelism for Any Situation, Any Audience (With Diagrams and Tips!)

Author Interview with Pam Jernigan, Whispers in the Dark

As you write fiction, what’s your goal? Mostly, I want them to be entertained. If the book has a message, it’s that love is a choice. I’m also trying to glorify God here, but without being preachy about it. My main character Karen gave up on God years ago, but over the course of the… Continue reading Author Interview with Pam Jernigan, Whispers in the Dark

Summer Reading Recommendations in!

I've read some really good stuff lately! Here are my recommendations of what to read by the poolside, under your beach umbrella, or snuggled up inside with the AC. All of these are enjoyable and Christ-affirming. Spoken Moments | Grace Publishing, compiled by Yvonne Lehman This is a fantastic collection. Mostly every story will leave… Continue reading Summer Reading Recommendations in!

Delighting in God’s Training

This article ran here with Lighthouse Bible Studies as part of their Delighting in God blog series. Does anyone like me? The footsteps and laughter of second graders filled the playground, but I stood there with a void in my heart. My family had just moved in the middle of the school year, and I… Continue reading Delighting in God’s Training

Peek at What I Bring to My Quiet Times

Over the past few months, I've listened to the advice of a few of my Christian mentors and started having a "quiet time" with the Lord for study, reflection, and prayer. There is a biblical basis for these quiet times. Jesus often made time to speak to the Father by himself, and he also recommended it to… Continue reading Peek at What I Bring to My Quiet Times

Book Find: Let God Be God

When you read a Christian book or listen to a sermon, do you like it when there's zero fluff? Me too. Fluff can be good for things like pillows or whipped cream, but not in a book. My friend, Pastor Matt Brough, has written Let God Be God that I think all of you will… Continue reading Book Find: Let God Be God

What’s inside “Breaking the Chains”

A new book releases today from Lighthouse Bible Studies about overcoming common spiritual barriers, so I wanted to flag it! My piece is on avoiding a complaining spirit. Other sections confront issues such as: Low Self-Image Indifference Disrespect Materialism Friendship with the World People-Pleasing Hypocrisy Self-Reliance Lusts (forbidden desires) Covetousness Envy or Jealousy plus many… Continue reading What’s inside “Breaking the Chains”